Premises - One (1) Self Catering Cottage sleeping 4 people attached to the farmhouse.  Parking adjacent to the cottage door on level ground.

Pre-arrival - Communication with potential guests via telephone, printed brochure and Internet Advertising.

Arrival and car parking facilities - Parking on level ground adjacent to the cottage door.

Provision for dogs - One (1) dog is accepted by arrangement and guest are asked to supply everything they may need for their dog including a basket or blanket for it to sleep on.  Guests are respectfully asked not to leave their dog in the cottage alone.

Main Entrance -  There are two (2) steps up to the main door.  There are also two (2) steps up to the alternative door.


Assistance Provided:

Lighting - There is an outside light at both sides of the cottage and good lighting within the cottage.

Keys - One (1) set of keys are given to guests on arrival.

Telephone - There is no mobile reception in Longsleddale but guest are welcome to use our telephone in an emergency and there is a public telephone just down the road.

Seating - There is one settee and one rocking chair.  There is also a chair on the landing.


Familiarisation Tour:

Door Type - Glass door 30" wide

Entrance Lighting - outside light and light in porch. There are electric central lights in each room plus additional side lighting

Public Areas - Living Room, Stairs, Kitchen, Bedrooms and Bathroom


Floor Covering:

Living Room - Fitted Carpet

Stairs and Landing - Fitted Carpet

Bedrooms - Fitted Carpet

Kitchen - Vinyl

Bathroom - Vinyl

Stairs - There are twelve (12) steps, six (6) straight and six (6) curved with a handrail all the way up.


Outdoor Facilities:

Farmyard - Gravel and concrete partly sloped and partly level.

Car parking area is level.

There are chairs and a table outside on the patio are, which is level.

There is a garden, which is two (2) steps down from the patio and is grassed.



These are on the first floor - two (2) bedrooms, one (1) double and one (1) with bunk beds.

The door width of each bedroom is 30".  The flooring is fitted carpets and the lighting is a central ceiling light and additional lamp lights.



This is on the first floor.  The flooring is vinyl and there is a shower cubicle not a bath.



This is on the ground floor with a vinyl floor covering.  There is an immersion heater for hot water.  There are three (3) floor units and one (1) drawer unit and two (2) wall units.  There are clear working surfaces and a fridge with a freezer compartment situated at ground level.  There is a central ceiling light.  There are no steps into the kitchen. The cooker is electric.



There is a grassed area which is sloped and is two (2) steps down from the patio.  There are flower borders in the garden and seating on the patio.


Water :

The water supply is a private supply, which is tested each year and is treated.


Additional Information:

The is no mobile network coverage in the valley.  There is use of our telephone in emergency and a public telephone just down the road.


Evacuation Procedure:

There are two (2) exit doors on the ground floor.

Guests are asked to remove keys from the inside of doors so that we can gain access in an emergency.

Fire assembly point is next to the blue barn doors down the yar.

If guests need us in an emergency they should ring our doorbell either at the front door or at the back door.


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